Galaktlan - Constance

(SEKs061-1: 4739852943468)

Released in 2005 by Kohvirecords, Galaktlan ́s second album Constance is now reissued on vinyl. Galaktlan, aka Taavi Laatsit has gathered here verbal and musical samples, synthesizer shimmerings, the precise beats and sounds of synthetic electronics but also more natural rhythm patterns and even string instruments. At times, the music blends into a haze of sound, at times forms detailed compositions with clear instrumental lines, eventually drawing a picture of a melancholic romantic magical world. Hendrik Luuk gives Galaktlan a hand in a track "Kindralmidi" on guitar and Ramo Teder, aka Pastacas, enriches "Laanetaguse" with his unmistakably recognizable voice. Tristan Priimägi said in his review that if electronic music is usually inspired by realism, then Galaktlan is inspired by magic. It's baroque electronica. "Constance is an ode to the times when people could be bothered to read poems and express their love for someone", he wrote. Galaktlan has himself said that the title of the album is inspired by the world and thinking of Alexandre Dumas, by the beautiful Constance Bonacieux from "The three musketeers", who was loved and adored by D'Artagnan. The last track of the album Zolushka, on the other hand, features as the main theme the Cinderella song from the Soviet animated film version of the fairytale.
Such lyrical-nostalgic atmosphere is there through all 10 tracks.
A side: 1. Axister, 2. Kindralmidi, 3. Mode, 4. Laanetaguse, 5.Sünnipäev
B side: 1. Turbulents, 2. Crystal, 3. Foor, 4. Please me, 5. Zolushka

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