Greengate - Metaphysical Vibration

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Stereolab meets The Muppets featuring the notorious Johnny Fingers (The Boomtown Rats).

Johnnie Fingers (born John Peter Moylett, 10 September 1956) is an Irish keyboardist and co founding member (along with Bob Geldof) of the new wave band, The Boomtown Rats. He was notable for his attire of striped pajamas on stage as well as his melodic piano style.

Greengate is a one-half Irish and one-half Japanese project, turning out endlessly happy electronic pop -- on Metaphysical Vibration, the band adds a dense, droney feel to their childlike Japanese pop influence, turning out a series of songs that alternates between chirpy fun and dreamy gorgeousness. Even underneath layers and layers of blippy programming and synth work, the duo's sense of melodicism always asserts itself, keeping things fresh from track to track. Metaphysical Vibration doesn't do a whole lot to present itself as a masterpiece, but it's a thoroughly satisfying record in a fresh and worthwhile genre. - AMG

1. Blue Sky
2. Intonaumori
3. 70's Book Club
4. Bon Voyage
5. No Picnic
6. Umbrellas
7. Americana
8. Degeneration
9. 22nd Century
10. I Wanna Be Gentleman Jim
11. Metaphysical Vibration
12. Daydreaming
13. Cellphone

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