Greatest Hoax, The - Expiration Compositions

(SERE012-1: 708527170359/SERE012-2: 708527170366/SERE012-3: )
Release date: 06/23/2017
Genre: Electronic, Ambient

Performing as The Greatest Hoax, Washington, D.C.-based composer Taylor Jordan debuts a new conceptual album of contemporary classical music with Welsh label, Serein. Entitled Expiration Compositions, his sophomore album presents a brooding yet hopeful take on a soundtrack to a peaceful death.
Jordan displays an innately human fear of death through nine sequential tracks grounded in somber piano and ambient textures. Each composition adds nuanced layers of emotional complexity with the addition of a string quartet led by cellist Mark Bridges of Kranky Records. Expiration Compositions melds a fascination with how life ends with brave imaginations of that very process. The result is an album that disconnects the listener from daily life while guiding them gently through that which most frightens them.
"Expiration Compositions is not just an album about death; it reflects a sense of happiness for one's life. The subject is often heavy, but my intention is to encourage listeners to appreciate their lives knowing they are finite."
Produced by Rafael Anton Irisarri of ‘The Sight Below’, the album is slated for a June 23, 2017 release and will be available as vinyl, CD, MP3, and digital streaming services worldwide.
01. Senescence
02. Left You Behind
03. As The Light Dims
04. You Never Learned A Thing
05. It's OK
06. Just Passing Through
07. Fading Away
08. Not Coming Back
09. Pulling Up The Sheets

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