Hidden Rivers - Plainsight Lakes


Release date: July 3, 2020

Plainsight Lakes by Hidden Rivers is a retro-futurist four track EP inspired by vintage electro and folk-tinged electronica. Rivers is clearly infatuated with the synthesizers, drum machines and samplers of yesterday, each track dripping with analogue circuitry and tape hiss. Opening track Beat A Path Through is an upfront introduction; 707 kicks propel twilit arpeggiated synth lines along a defiant path. Second track Rosunn is an almost straight up electro affair with glassy bass, skittish percussion and synth work. The second half of the EP travels to a more bucolic landscape, What's Up G? leading into Twin Peaks-inspired closer, The Timber State. Cover photograph by Castor.

1. Beat A Path Through         
2. Rosunn                              
3. What's Up G?                    
4. The Timber State  

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