Giorgio Tuma - My Vocalese Fun Fair

(ELE1137: 8428846211374)

1. Introduction
2. Two Happy Sad Guitars...
3. Saltamontes
4. Let's Make The Stevens Cake!!!
5. Musical Express
6. ... And Three Parasol Stars
7. Astroland By Bus
8. Coney Island Memories
9. Marsico
10. St Nicholas' Blue Melody
11. Ml Db (Mary Louise Song)
12. Faye's Flying Shoes
13. Dedicated To Timmy The Whale
14. Sirens Pray For Us
15. G-lombardi Magic Rollercoasters
So much time gazing out over the Atlantic, observing Salvador de Bahia from the other side of the ocean, when it turns out that the most exotic sun shines on this side of the Mediterranean, in Italy, where Giorgio Tuma has just released his second, marvelous album, “My Vocalese Fun Fair”.
Starting with fibers as solid as the delicacy of Caetano Veloso at his most Bahian, the elegance of Burt Bacharach, the jazzy approximations of Antonio Carlos Jobim, the circus-like psychedelia of the BEATLES at their highest, the Californian soft pop and a touch of sweet soul in the style of Terry Callier or Marvin Gaye, Giorgio Tuma builds a source of imagination with “My Vocalese Fun Fair” that makes his inseparable band mates, OS TUMANTES (as a tribute to the Brazilian psychedelic pop group OS TUMANTES), reach their highest level. This album is able to bring together the different influences of all these artists and fit them together with their own personality. Sunny melodies, bright arrangements, a production with echoes of the sixties, deep Brazilian influences, and above all, a highly inspired artist with clear colorful inclinations, as the album cover, designed by the internationally renowned artist, Davide Zucco, perfectly portrays. And the lysergic aspect, the one required by music with so many tonalities, the one which painted the submarine yellow, is found in lyrics that are authentic space voyages, a spirit that is perfectly defined in the lyrics of “Musical Express”, where it says “I’ve singable dreams”. Giorgio Tuma is the artist that turned the daily journey of the summer sun into music. But it is not a yellow, monotonal or monotone sun, but a sun that has a complex shine, complete, full of nuances, one we believe in and that, as such, manages to irremediably affect our state of mind. Giorgio Tuma, the man who turned the colors into notes.

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