Fax - Ruido de Fondo

Static Discos
(sta005-2: 708527120521)

FAX returns with a second brilliantly produced full length. This time, Fax's post wallpaper techno is augmented with various sound process patterns and background noise interludes. Syncopated clicks scatter all around, warm dreamy melodies abound while dark moisture slips through the cracks. The rhythms are minimal and comfy, the bass heavy and round, the pulses are blunted and dubby while the landscape is expansive and full of sun. Perfect for relaxed home listening, extended dance club sessions and audio excursions at the beach or the park. This is microhouse for the common man. “Vanguard Techno” say the most important music magazines in Mexico.

FAX is quickly establishing himself in the international dance music scene, first with an EP on Germany’s Traum label, then a CD “Resonancia” on Static Discos, and recently his first US release, a 3” mini cd on Rocket Racer. Fax’s minimalist techno is powerful, ethereal, microscopic, danceable and lets you climb to the heavens.

“Graphic designer and guitarist Ruben Alonso Tamayo’s FAX project sees him slide into similar territory with equal poise and a neat line in syncopation. Resonancia is calm, twitchy and expansive, with primitive beats on some tracks taking center stage.” - The Wire.

“Glitchy melodies abound, making this an odd combination of postwallpaper techno a la Stewart Walker and more attention-getting microhouse a la MRI.” - Grooves.

“Tamayo transmits gorgeous minimal techno as FAX from his Mexicali homebase, taking Pole to the cleaners as far as melody goes.” - XLR8R.

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