Childs - Yui

Static Discos
(sta016: 708527121627)
Release date: 10/17/2006
Genre: Electronic, Shoegaze

Paul Marrón and Guillermo Batiz are the dynamic duo behind the epic electronic lullabies of *Childs*. Inspired by anime aesthetics, Icelandic elfin pop, sounds from the shoegaze era in the early nineties and indie rock, *Childs* have developed a strong cult following in their country. Their music stops short of being more than dream passages in a world full of pop opportunities, transcending simple trends of indie electronic music. With live instrumentation and intense performances in a live setting, *Childs* is one of the young electronic acts that live up to the task of transforming the precepts of Mexican electronic and rock music. Their music is a soft mélange of digital, analog and acoustic sounds that they describe as ‘electronic lullabies’. In between the Sigur Ros template and the touch tone sounds of the Morr Music lunchbox, *Childs* craft music that is challenging, endearing and captivating.

1 Intro
2 Yui
3 Marysal
4 S.A.D.
5 Reki
6 Oliver
7 ...
8 Post: Seele
9 Mariana
10 Ian P

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