Fax - Remixes and Collaborations

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(sta013: 708527121320)

A new album by FAX with collaborations and remixes with and by friends of Mexicali, Mexico’s Ruben Tamayo aka FAX. Teaming up here with Ruben are Jonas Bering (Kompakt), Bern (Trapez/Traum), Mike Shannon (Cynosure/Force Inc), Ultra Red (Mille Plateaux), Alex Ayuli of AR Kane, M/A/R/R/S (Dreampop), Murcof (Leaf), Pepito (Static), Molair (Postair), Portable (Background), Millimetrik (Statik) and Karras (Mil Records). More than a remix album it is a collaborative effort that joins FAX with some kinred spirits from around the world to further develop minimal techno styles and warm musical friendships. The album contains two vocal tracks, one of which is an outstanding collaboration with Alex Ayuli (of legendary duo AR Kane and M/A/R/R/S), an edited version of this rocking techno dubber was featured on the December 04 issue of The Wire magazine.

1. 20w [Portable Remix]
2. Spellbound
3. Et Cetera [Mike Shannon Remix]
4. Déjá Vu [Millimetrik's Winter Remix]
5. Aslip [Jonas Bering Remix]
6. Aidin [Bern Hannah Remix]
7. Rocket
8. Cerca [Murcof Remix]
9. Cerca del Otro Lado (F-15) [Ultra-Red Remix]
10. Postal [Molair Artificial Idiotie Remix]
11. Ambar

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