Desario - Zero Point Zero

(DRL219: 708527021927)

Desario take their name from the character Daniel Desario in the cult TV show Freaks & Geeks. In previous bands (Holiday Flyer, California Oranges, Rocketship) the members of Desario contributed their fair share of joy and happiness to the indie pop cause. But as Desario’s debut release, Zero Point Zero (signifying a clean start for members John Conley, Mike Carr, Jim Rivas and Michael Yoas) materialized over a four year period, something happened... a slow fermentation took place as their poppier elements decomposed into something a little more dangerous. The glistening guitars and melodies are still there but change has manifested. Desario plays dark and sometimes threatening, punchy indie-pop rock like The Smiths with balls or Felt if they were from the West Coast or Modern English stripping down to Wedding Present vulnerability.

EARLY PRESS: "I’m quite enamored with a self-titled three-song disc by Desario, and if this is a taste of the forthcoming album the band’s still working on (Zero Point Zero, due in October from once-local indie Darla Records), it’s gonna be a real peach. “Cane Cola” is all gleaming chrome over pastoral sweetness, more melodic and soaring than the reworked Joy Divisionisms of Interpol, with John Conley’s friendly and inviting voice surfing over his and Michael Yoas’ intertwined clean electric guitars, with bassist Mike Carr underpinning the song while drummer Jim Rivas splatters around like Moby Grape’s Skip Spence on “Omaha.” The second track, “Fine Time,” continues the feel, while “Nautical Ways” has more jangle along with shouted background vocals. All three are winners; Desario has a sense of melody and dynamics that is captivating." --Jackson Griffith, Sacramento News and Review

1. Nautical Ways, 2. Late Sedan, 3. Cane Cola, 4. Fine Time, 5. Drama Club, 6. Smile with Your Mouth Closed, 7. Houston, 8. Rain and Gold, 9. As I Recall, 10. Sequoia Gee

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