Dennis Sheridan - Community

(DRL363-3: 708527036327/DRL363-4)

Release date 2/5/2021.

Community is the sophomore release by Oceanside, CA based folk singer/songwriter Dennis Sheridan. Inspired by the collective isolation and necessary shift in cultural norms during The Covid 19 pandemic, this record comes from a place of turning gloom into hope and cautioning the world not to forget the importance of each other as we eventually dig ourselves out of the hole that we’re in. 

While not enjoying the same wealth of resources as someone like Taylor Swift, Sheridan has a vast network of talented musicians and was fortunate to receive collaborative tracks from friends scattered around the Country. The album is full of harmonies from the likes of Award Winning San Diego Hero, Marie Haddad, the golden voice of David Cronin (Cabin/Follow the Train/Silver Tongues ), Patrick King (Skam Impaired), and Darla label-mate DW Box; as well as ambient sound contributions by Syd Bishop (Tauri SB, Siberia) and drumming skills from Clayton Payne (The Liquorsmiths) and Cory Prough.

The 10 song acoustic album has plenty of sparse moments building off Sheridan’s first release, Midwestern Pacific but balances those moments with full band tunes, layers of guitars, carefully placed vocal harmonies and solid songwriting.

For fans of Leonard Cohen, Sparklehorse, Luna, Neil Young and George Harrison.

1. These Days (ft. Marie Haddad)
2. Train (ft. David Cronin)
3. Repo (ft. Pat King)
4. Map (ft. Marie Haddad)
5. River Rd (ft. David Cronin)
6. Trash (ft. Marie Haddad)
7. Freeway (ft. DW Box)
8. Ball
9. Community
10. Homework


All songs written and produced by Dennis Sheridan

Mastered by Shelley Anderson.

Guest vocals on “These Days”, “Map” and “Trash” by Marie Haddad. Guest vocals on “Train” and “River Rd” by David Cronin. Guest vocals on “Repo” by Pat King. Guest vocals and guitar solo on “Freeway” by DW Box. Ambient soundscapes on “Ball” by Syd Bishop. Drums and percussion on “River Rd” by Clayton Payne.  Drums and percussion on “These Days”, “Repo” and “Ball” by Cory Prough.

Cover art by Mike Bigtime

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