Desario - Mixer

Test Pattern
(TPR03: 708527960325)
Release date: 02/28/2012
Genre: Indie Pop

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1. Cement Sneakers 2. Call Out Your Rivals 3. Occasional Monsters 4. Develop Destroy 5. Ana Carlisle 6. Victoria Island 7. These Machines 8. Success (Is Ours) 9. Airline 10. June

Desario returns to follow up their Darla Records debut, Zero Point Zero, with the release of a fresh new offering, Mixer. Built on layers of jangling guitars accentuated with bursts of synths and percussion, this collection of gazey pop doesn't disappoint. Mixer takes its name from the collaborative process used in the writing of the record and, just as with the members' previous projects (Holiday Flyer, California Oranges, and Rocketship), is overflowing with captivating hooks and interweaving melodies. Mixer was produced and engineered by guitarist Mike Yoas in their hometown of Sacramento, CA, and mixed by Larry Crane (Elliot Smith, Go-Betweens, Holiday Flyer, Tape Op) at Jackpot Studios in Portland, OR.

Desario is John Conley (vocals / guitar), Jim Rivas (drums / percussion), Mike Yoas (guitar / synths), and Mike Carr (bass).

RIYL: Nada Surf, Death Cab for Cutie, The Cure, New Order, The Horrors.

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