Clive Wright - Taqsim To Antlia

(DRL242: 708527024225)
Release date: 11/02/2010
Genre: Ambient, Rock

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August 13, 2010, The Integratron, Landers, CA. Clive plays live for Mojave Desert Land Trust while the Southern California Desert Video Astronomer team equipped with deep space telescopes project live images on the domed surface of The Integratron.

The event is a Perseid Meteor shower party hosted at the mysterious Integratron; a large wooden dome built by George Van Tassle in the 1950s in the high desert of Southern California with construction materials provided by the eccentric aviation tycoon Howard Hughes. An outdoor Summer party held under a clear velvet-black sky detailed with stars and straddled from horizon to horizon with The Milky Way, Clive Wright uses the color pallet of sound emanating from his guitars to create an other-worldly live score spontaneously interpreting the live visuals of stars, galaxies and other deep space images projected before him and the audience. Clive clearly reflects the presence of deep space objects shining on the building and enhances the listener's experience of the colorful nebulae and star fields from within ours and distant galaxies.

Since 2008 Clive Wright has collaborated and produced three critically acclaimed albums with ambient music artist and legend Harold Budd, A Song for Lost Blossoms, Candylion and Little Windows. He is currently producing a new studio album.

1. Taqsim to Antlia, 2. Plateau of Mendas, 3. Vulpecula, 4. Cassiopias Necklace, 5. Sine Nomine, 6. Jabhat Al Akrab

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