Clive Wright - Expansive Meditation 432hz

Desert Sky Music
(DSM016432hz: 708527170403)
Release date: 05/12/2017
Genre: Ambient

When you listen to sound tuned to 432hz you are also tuning your body and brain to 432hz
'There is a reason why music tuned in 432Hz evokes great emotion, and that has to do with the geometry that undertones produce in 432Hz. I am glad to say that in my 30 years of promoting 432 largely word of mouth, that is has spread into a global music movement with even mainstream musicians now promoting this wonderful heart felt tuning. Music is about feeling and the exodus has begun, as more people learn about 432Hz Music we change the dimension of perception and liberate ourselves spiritually.'
Bless you,
-Brian T Collins
Expansive Meditation is a specifically designed music program for 1 hour meditative practices such as Tai Chi or Yoga, and therapeutic massage sessions. The musical selections and their placings have been carefully arranged to bring one into a state of healing and peace. It features the unique live musical improvisations of master guitarist and ambient musician Clive Wright. Expansive Meditation features new unreleased tracks such as; " Clouds of Love" an incredibly peaceful and melodic excursion into a trance like state, and "Scorpio Blood Moon " recorded live at the Astronomy Arts Theater in Joshua Tree, Ca during the Scorpio Blood Moon event.
Expansive Meditation is a useful tool in your journey to a place of healing and tranquility. It both creates an environment of peace and blocks out an hour of time. Enjoy this soulful escape.

1. Peaceful Star Field A4.32hz
2. Clouds of Love A4.32hz
3. Expansive A4.32hz
4. Prime Creator A4.32hz
5. Pillars of Creation A4.32hz
6. Scorpio Blood Moon A4.32hz
Total run time 58 mins.

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