Carrie - 1981

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(sta026: 708527122624)
Release date: 5/6/2008

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Carrie returns with her second album, 1981. This time around, Carrie’s sound is expanded beyond the folkie twee indie-tronica of her first release, Honey Blue Star. Balancing lush and lo-fi sound aesthetics, Carrie’s folksy mannerisms go in between The Postal Service and The Radio Dept. universes, landing in an unique and minimal melodic pop. New member Pelvis joins Carrie and contributes sounds and backing vocals to the album. 1981 was produced by Rubén Tamayo (Fax). TRACKLISTING: 1. Take One 2. Feeding Little Dogs 3. Stumble 4. The Wrong Way 5. Road Season 6. Japanese Coffee 7. 1981 8. Instrumental 9. Srita. Cometa 10. Pollock

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