Carpet Musics - Weekday

Audio Dregs Recordings
(ADR044: 708527504420)

Made up of circular melodies, softly pulsing rhythms, and airy textural arrangements, Carpet Musics finds it's beauty in small and mundane objects that you find a block away from your house over more rigid monuments and art forms. These ideal forms are the spaces created between buildings or objects, the disposable and temporary, and singular moments created by the casting of light and shadow. Songs are usually based around one or two spiraling melodic keyboard parts, built up, then reduced, and reduced again. Sometimes they'd record a drum part with live drums and end up using only the sound that the squeaky hi hat stand makes, or the sound of the rattle made from turning off the snare in favor of its rhythmic sounds over the actual kit. Carpet Musics began about five years ago by two Erics. One Eric was playing keyboards in a new wave band (on Bongload records) and sold the other Eric (Audio Dregs and Thumb guy) his first analog keyboard. Through common interests in ambient music they began playing together during the only crossover in free time that they had in common (after 2:00 AM), first recording a limited edition CDR for ADR and then spending almost three years creating Weekday. One of Eric's main concerns with ambient music was that it would got boring for him without constant motion and melodic elements--also he didn't have an attention span for static compositions that lasted more than about 2 and a half minutes. Eric, on the other hand, was concerned with thematic issues and thought that Eric's strict standards brought the music into territory which was in opposition to what could be defined as "ambient". Coming from a more electronic standpoint, Eric was interested in making electronic music that wasn't necessarily digital. Their different methods and backgrounds kept things interesting (if not slow moving), but with a common sound form aesthetic which neither really could quite put into words.

1 Sleeping (On Trains)
2 Dawn
3 Phone Lines
4 Bathrobe
5 Noon
6 Air
7 Afternoon
8 Carpet
9 Floor
10 Fashion Magazine
11 Car
12 Hail Storm
13 Hotel
14 Sundown

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