17 Pygmies - Jedda By The Sea + Captured In Ice

(LTM2581: 708527258125)
Release date: 1984
Genre: Post Punk

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LTM presents a deluxe reissue of the first two albums by Californian experimentalists 17 Pygmies on remastered double CD and download.

Formed in Los Angeles in 1983, the first incarnation of 17 Pygmies comprised Jackson Del Rey and Robert Loveless of SavageRepublic, along with UCLA art students Debbie Spinelli and Michael Kory. Debut EP Hatikva appeared that same year, followed by their acclaimed cross-cultural album Jedda By the Sea in 1984. ‘One of the most charming albums of the year,’ said Los Angeles Times. ‘The consistently inventive music borrows from various influences while maintaining a homey simplicity with its lush organ chords, occasional violins and tribal percussion. The kind of gracious music that can fill space without intruding on it.’

The Pygmies followed Jedda with second album Captured In Ice, once again issued on their own Resistance label and selling 2000 copies in just three weeks. Rockpool praised: ‘Four giants of musical brilliance with twelve songs of decidedly minimal music, creating an elaborately-embroidered tapestry of visionary sounds. Never does the music get lost in the ozone of extreme esotericism or eccentricity. Instead you have four people approaching pop music in a fresh and excitingly individual light.’

Now available on CD for the very first time, this extended double disc set also includes all five tracks from Hatikva, plus five previously unreleased outtakes from Jedda and Captured in Ice. The booklet contains archive images and a biographical essay featuring contributions from Jackson Del Rey and Debbie Spinelli.


1. Lawrence of Arabia
2. Child Bride
3. Chegança
4. To No Avail
5. Vows
6. Words Never Said
7. Waiting to Arrive
8. Still Waters
9. Moment in Ceylon
10. Jerusalem
11. By the Sea
12. Last Grave at Dimbaza
13. Lazarus
14. The Living
15. Hollow Lands
16. Tropical Grasslands
17. Nocturne


1. Suit of Nails
2. I Know
3. Voices
4. A Thousand Lights
5. Monday
6. Chameleon
7. Icarus
8. Shade
9. Autumn Cathedral
10. The Way
11. Home Again
12. The Far Country
13. Piano Song (JBTS outtake)
14. Cheetah Acacia Tree (JBTS outtake)
15. A Thousand Lights (CII outtake)
16. Monday (CII outtake)
17. Shade (CII outtake)

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