bvdub - Resistance Is Beautiful

(DRL250: 708527025024)

Brock Van Wey adds beats to loops this time and creates a record more active yet right in keeping with his solid body of ambient work.

Resistance is Beautiful, the newest album by San Francisco’s bvdub, sees his return to a more beat-driven style, while still traversing his trademark ambient terrains. Through quieter and more subdued ambient fields, he weaves an almost uncharacteristically gritty and unabashed rhythmic journey drawing from his life and history within early-90’s deep house, deep techno, and chill-out music, resulting in possibly his most clear narrative to date, telling a story of beauty, sacrifice, defiance, and love.

Fans of his emotive and hypnotic soundscapes will feel at home – but while many of his past works center around sadness, it’s now time for strength to prevail. There’s a much more pronounced feeling of strength and determination than ever before: there are times in life to let sadness envelop us… and there are times to make our lives our own… and to fight for what’s right.

In an increasingly negative and fatalistic world, Resistance is Beautiful reminds us of those days when there was nothing we wouldn’t fight for – and nothing we feared.

1. What Happened to Us, 2. Nothing Like You, 3. Gone Tomorrow, 4. This is Why You'll Never Win, 5. Fall

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