Bright - Blue Christian: Bliss Out, Vol. 12

(DRL066: 708527006627)
Release date: 08/11/1998
Genre: Krautrock

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Bright's third full length album, Blue Christian / Bliss Out v.12, offers more of the home recorded psych/improv that led Magnet to call the group's last album, The Albatross Guest House, "Possibly the 'out' album of the year... Bright's assault on the senses verges on the stupefying." (Sept./Oct. '97) Recorded with the expansive possibilities of the Bliss Out series in mind, Blue Christian is a largely instrumental affair, built on the bedrock of the group's Neu! inspired guitar and drum meditations and refracted through the ghosts of Sun Ra, John Coltrane, and Syd Barrett. The reviews aren't in yet, but the common people have spoken! One impartial listener said of Blue Christian, "These guys listen to too much Hendrix." Amen. This is by far the Boston group's most diverse, mature and beautiful accomplishment. Among musical interpretations of 70's German minimalism and 60's American psych, improv and out jazz, the soul of Boston's Bright resonates and pulses, warm and vital. Blue Christian is a big sound, reconstructing rock music for the next century.

1. Fuller
2. Trip To The Sound-Alike Finals
3. Tapping
4. Blue Christian
5. Grand Mal
6. Europa

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