Baby Grand - Arts & Leisure

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(TPR04: 708527960424)
Release date: 04/03/2012
Genre: Indie Pop, Rock

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1. Cherry Blossoms 2. My Song 15 3. Show & Tell 4. Fool For Your Love 5. Quand Tombent Les Ombres 6. I'll Say Goodbye 7. Can't Keep Us Apart 8. Summer House 9. Skyline 10. I Know This Is Real 11. Sylvia Beloved 12. White Bird

Arts & Leisure is the fourth release by Baby Grand, and it's most diverse and realized release to date. While continuing their tradition of beautifully orchestrated pop songs in the vein of groups such as Belle & Sebastian and Camera Obscura, this album brings more of the band’s influences to the forefront, and breaks out of the indie pop mold with songs that run the gamut from country waltzes to 1960s-era folk and girl group sounds. Arts & Leisure was recorded at Retrofit Studios by Tony Cale (The English Singles), and mastered by Dana Gumbiner (Death Ray).

RIYL: Acid House Kings, Belle & Sebastian, Camera Obscura, Sambassadeur, and Lush.
Cherry Blossoms
My Song 15
Show & Tell
Fool For Your Love
Quand Tombent Les Ombres
I’ll Say Goodbye
Can’t Keep Us Apart
Summer House
I Know This Is Real
Sylvia Beloved
White Bird

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