Ariel Abshire - Exclamation Love

(DRL214: 708527021422)

1. Exclamation Love
2. Goddamn New Mexico
3. Nervous
4. I Didn't Know People Could Do That
5. Unknown Encounter
6. Thin Skin
7. Spots
8. Hotel Hallway
9. Subscriptions and Lies
10. Picking Up
11. Everybody Does


We at Darla Records haven’t been this excited about a new release by a new Pop/Americana artist since My Morning Jacket. Seventeen-year-old Ariel writes her own songs and performs at venues across Austin, Texas both solo and with music legend Alvin Crow. Ariel has recorded on soundtracks for Robert Rodriguez and Trevor Romain films, and she is the youngest female singer to perform before thousands at the Austin Music Awards. Music critic Margaret Moser has compared her voice to that of Brenda Lee and Lou Ann Barton. Ariel has been called the “authentic foil to Britney Spears,” by National Geographic’s Traveler Magazine. On her debut, Exclamation Love, Ariel showcases her songwriting and singing abilities equally. Her melodies superglue to your brain and you find yourself instantly hooked, even breathless at the end of the opening title track. Soon, you’re singing along to teen themes of love and discovery, doubt and delight, innocence and wisdom, all the while marveling at a talent far beyond her years. This young woman was born to sing.

“Ariel Abshire from Austin, Texas - she’s got pipes, range, and songwriting skills- She reminds me of Hope Sandoval, Janis Ian and Pasty Cline- back in the day- ‘Society’s Child’, ‘Crazy’ talented, and ‘She Shines Brightly.’ You know the score - Pop, soul, country and screen- Triple Threat here- ingenue ala Glen Campbell-esque.” --Charles Slomovitz, Happy Parts blog

1. Exclamation Love, 2. Goddamn New Mexico, 3. Nervous, 4. I Didn’t Know People Could Do That, 5. Unknown Encounter, 6. Thin Skin, 7. Spots, 8. Hotel Hallway, 9. Subscriptions and Lies, 10. Picking Up, 11. Everybody Does


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