American Analog Set - Late One Sunday: Bliss Out, Vol. 9

(DRL048: 708527004821)

1. Late One Sunday, 2. The Following Morning

The world's most languorous slow-core unit give us their epic Bliss Out "Late One Sunday" (13:13) -- the first insight into just how versatile this highly regarded band really is. This musical mantra is as different from the Set's previous albums as The Beatles were from Rubber Soul forward. The group incorporates the same instrumentation but perform in a style that's more mature and perhaps a little more eastern than western. The title track is built on a solid, repetitive, real drum beat. The mellow organic groove is textured with smooth bass slides, atmospheric & rhythmic keys and, of course, a sparkling guitar. "The Following Morning", which clocks in at 10:29, is a meditative electronic instrumental similar to works of Mouse On Mars and Microstoria. This particular piece is very harmonic and tonal in composition. The feeling is modern, minimal, Japanese. It is not unlike Eno circa Music For Airports or the ambient pieces from Bowie's Low and Heroes LPs which were composed fully or in part by Eno. A classic!

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