Underground Lovers - Leaves Me Blind (30th Anniversary Edition)

Self Released
(UL01: 0731788460105//)

Arrived: We've have received a new shipment of new vinyl LPs in perfect condition.

We also have some bendy corner and 1"+ split seam jacket copies available for super cheap while they last.

This record is an absolute must for all 4AD fans.

Originally released in 1992 on Guernica / 4AD. Reissued in November 2022 by the band and sold in Australia and New Zealand only.

Melbourne’s Underground Lovers celebrate 30 years of their seminal 1992 Guernica / 4AD release, Leaves Me Blind with a remastered black vinyl version of the album.

Manufactured to sell at some 30th anniversary gigs in Australia in November 2022, some limited edition LPs are available now for for the first time outside of Australia.
The album received rave reviews in 1992 for its shoegaze meets pop sensibility and its distinctive driving guitars and edgy rhythms. It was unlike anything else happening in Australia at the time, with its eclectic mix of live drums and 808 drum machine, layered guitar sounds juxtaposed with early 80’s synthesizers, and classical song structures contrasted with extended psychedelic wig outs and experimental interludes.

Underground Lovers travelled to the UK to promote the album in 1993 and played at the legendary 13-year itch event which celebrated 13 years of 4AD records at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London.

The band also played some high-profile support slots at the time with the likes of The Cure, Ride, My Bloody Valentine and Lush.

In 2010, music writers and critics John O’Donnell, Toby Creswell and Craig Mathieson named Leaves me Blind as the 54th greatest Australian album in their book 100 Best Australian Albums.

Underground Lovers have continued to make albums over the years, with the most recent being A Left Turn in 2019.

Side one:

1. Eastside Stories
2. Promenade
3. I Was Right
4. Holiday 
5. Got Off On It
Side two:

1. Daze
2. Waves
3. Your Eyes
4. Ladies Choice Cut
5. Get to know
6. Whisper Me Nothing

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