Ultranol - Patitos De Goma

(ELE291: 8428846402918)

Limited edition of 500. Blue vinyl.

The main thing that brought us at Elefant to create the collection New Adventures in Pop was the idea of creating a space for the public to get closer to some of the new groups that we like the most, in a unique and special format. And we were impatient to get you to hear the project from Alberto Iniesta, the alter ego of ULTRANOL, named after a B-side by BLUR on which they talk about a pill that cures any illness. They are all over the internet, which has helped them move numerous songs, and now they finally have a release ready with a limited edition, navy blue vinyl single that includes four of their best songs. They are unclassifiable, without any stylistic limits to restrict them, moving on a bit from their more guitar-focused beginnings to step into more tropical sounds, euro-disco, with touches of electro-pop, synth-pop and even a hint of reggae.

“Patitos de goma” is an unquestionable techno-pop hit and it has all the ingredients: a vocoder-infected voice, an irresistible rhythm for our hips, a chorus that we want to sing along with at the top of our lungs without stop. But soon surprises arrive: “El Invierno” is built on a base of white reggae, but with that fresh, homemade accent that gives it a one-of-a-kind personality. It’s a song with a built-in smile. “San Juan” is electronic pop made delicately, with the necessary touches of a casiotone, that tells a curious love story on the shortest night of the year. Finally, “Corta y Pega” is a super-fun song that talks about music (something of a metasong, really), with similarities to BAND Á PART and LA CASA AZUL, above all in the melodies, and which had already gotten the attention of the folks at Jenesaispop and Mondo Sonoro. Its broken bridge and eighties sequencer sound give it an extra-special charm.

TRACKLIST: 01. Patitos De Goma 02. El Invierno 03. San Juan 04. Cortando Y Pegando

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