Fax - Yo Recuerdo

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(sta025: 708527122525)

Fax delivers his sixth release, Yo Recuerdo. Upgrading the sounds of his previous release, Primario, Fax continues the path into ambient and downtempo electronica. Whereas Primario was marked by a dark undercurrent of sound, Yo Recuerdo is a brighter affair. Yo Recuerdo is dreamier, closer to the sounds of Guthrie and Budd, but retaining the minimal electronic feel Fax is known for. And for those missing Fax dancier techno moments, there is a remix of one of the most memorable tracks on the album “Cuarto Para Tres”. Album mastered by Fernando Corona (Murcof) with guest vocals by Florencia Ruiz and Uriel Villalobos (Perdutto).

1. Intro 2. Cuarto Para Tres 3. Concreto 4. Cielo Rojo 5. Rota 6. Yo Recuerdo (I Remember) 7. Bosque 8. Tormenta de Arena 9. Millas 10. Cuarto Para Tres (Dance Mix)

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