Cielo - Radio Subterranea

Static Discos
(sta022: 821759012027)
Release date: 2007
Genre: Electronic, Pop

Spanish technopop duo Ciëlo are back with Radio Subterránea, a collection of remixes and outtakes off their debut "Un Amor Mató El Futuro" and their recently released "Paraíso Vacío" album. Mario and Cocó, the duo behind Ciëlo enlisted a top team of remixers to work on their elektro inflicted pop, amongst them: ISAN, Fax, Ascii.Disko, Electronicat, Seekers Who Are Lovers, Gabriel Lucena of Entre Ríos, Tape, Celluloide and Jeans Team. The album also includes three unreleased tracks. The concept behind the collection is to serve as an homage to 80's underground radio in Latin America where at least in Peru, where Mario and Cocó ara originally from, electronic music radio programs where truly an underground phenomenon. All elektro digital DJ's should take note that Radio Subterránea will sit nicely alongside those new releases by Kitsune or Ed Bangers, as this collection finds Ciëlo delivering some of the best banging tunes out there.

1. Transformador
2. Tufrecuencia
3. Radio Subterránea
4. Lineas Rectas
5. Patricia
6. Tekno Film
7. Diagonal
8. Luz Artificial
9. Cinema
10. Tranvia
11. Vuélvete Underground
12. Electrónika

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