Imandra Lake - Seesamseesam

(SEKs030-1: 4739852944656/SEKs030: 4739852945257)

LP limited to 300 copies Worldwide!

Estonian indie label Seksound releases Imandra Lake´s debut album “Seesamseesam” on September 11th 2010, making Estonia richer by another shining shoegaze pearl.

Imandra Lake is a new project of Pia Fraus´ Rein Fuks and Eve Komp, and follows the similar shogaze line but it´s all fresh and speaks Estonian. The tracks that have been heard here and there so far have caused quite an excitement and received positive feedback. Imandra Lake´s shogaze is noisy and reverberant but less pop and quite tranquil and deep, reaching even the boundaries of the darker side of folk.
“Seesamseesam” is thoughtful and dreamy, it should not be listened in haste. It is a walk, with musicians as a guide, looking on the listener from above, singing about what the see from up there, from the mountaintops and clouds. They tell us through music about things small and close and so fantastic. For this, they use walls of noise, a wide range of instruments, minimalist lyrics and their mother tongue. It is definitely one of the most beautiful albums from Seksound.

To the side, we would recommend Red House Painters, Cranes, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, The Pastels, Voices of Seven Thunders.

01. Öö Laul
02. Liugle Liugle
03. Ilus aeg
04. Majades
05. Vajun
06. Ole mu laev
07. Külm
08. Puhangus
09. Seesam
10. Rabajärv
11. Igane

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