Galaktlan - En Garde

(SEKs070-1: 4739852941648/SEKs070-3: )
Release date: 10.19.2018
Genre: Electronic

LP limited to 444.

Galaktlan’s “En Garde” is a masterpiece of Estonian electronic music. Captain Galaktlan is back!

Taavi Laatsit has been active in the Estonian electronic music scene for 20 years already. During that time, he has released 8 full length albums as a member of different groups (Uni, Kismabande, Kulgurid) and also as a solo artist (Galaktlan, Vonsuck). Additionally, he has composed music for exhibitions and art projects. Since 2004, he has also been composing music for films.
En garde is a concept album about duelling.

1. Elealo
Elealo is the fictional world where the events take place.

2. Selle peale oleks ma ise ka tulnud
Sometimes you feel very inspired about something, but actually, everything has always been inside you already.

3. En garde
It’s the starting stance for duellists. You have to be ready and focused, because what’s coming next will change your life.

4. Denebi lilled
I brought flowers for you from the Deneb star system.

5. Kvantsurematu
There’s a paradox in the quantum physics theory - when you die, there’s a chance that it did not happen somewhere in the parallel worlds. This means that you are theoretically immortal.

6. Ataraksia koidikul
Ataraxia comes in dawn after the sleepless night. You are now ready, because nothing can change what’s coming.

7. Delope
It’s when you miss your target deliberately in the hopes that your opponent will do the same and the conflict will be over. It’s illegal by the code of duelling.

8. Schaerbeek
The real place where I have been living past 3 years. 

9. Botta segreta
The secret fencing attack that the masters taught only to their best students. It was intended to end the duel quickly and unexpectedly.

Side A: Elealo / Selle peale oleks ma ise ka tulnud / En garde / Denebi lilled
Side B: Kvantsurematu / Ataraksia koidikul / Delope / Schaerbeek / Botta segreta

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