Kalima - Night Time Shadows + Singles

(LTM2379: 5024545302622)
Release date: 1986, 2004
Genre: Jazz

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An expanded and remastered reissue of the first album by Manchester group Kalima, originally released on Factory Records in 1986 (Fact 155).

Kalima were formed in late 1983 from the ashes of Swamp Children. Purveyors of smooth latin, jazz and funk flavours, Kalima recorded three albums for Factory between 1986 and 1990, earning widespread respect for their vaulting ambition and commitment to forms often ignored by the so-called 'New Jazz' movement of the mid 1980s.

During this period, core Kalima members Ann and Tony Quigley, John Kirkham, Chris Manos and Cliff Saffer were joined by almost all of A Certain Ratio: Martin Moscrop, Jeremy Kerr and Andy Connell.

The 9 songs on the original album are joined by 6 bonus tracks from the first two Kalima releases: EP Four Songs from 1985, and their acclaimed cover of Sarah Vaughan standard The Smiling Hour (1984).


1. Mystic Rhymes
2. After Hours
3. Green Dolphin Street
4. Black Water
5. In Time
6. Father Parts
7. Start the Melody
8. Token Freaky
9. Love Suspended in Time
10. The Smiling Hour
11. Flyaway
12. Trickery
13. Land of Dreams
14. Sparkle
15. So Sad

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