Kalima - Kalima! + Singles

(LTM2407: 5024545325720)
Release date: 01/03/1998
Genre: Jazz

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Originally released in March 1988 on Factory Records (Fact 206), Kalima! was the group's second collection of "cool, swingin' cuts to smokey, smooching, moonlighting, 4 a.m.-ing romantics. Where the Downtown 'wow' types meet the Uptown serious collectors, and the talk is loud but never cheap."

The album was also the first on which Kalima escaped from the shadow of A Certain Ratio, after the original Night Time Shadows line-up splintered to allow Martin Moscrop, Jeremey Kerr and Andy Connell to concentrate on ACR. In their place came new musicians David Higgins, Matthew Taylor, Bernard Moss and Warren Sharples.

This extended remaster contains six bonus tracks drawn from the singles Weird Feelings and Whispered Words as well as rare song Rainforest, previously available on an Artists for Animals benefit compilation. The CD booklet features sleevenotes and archive images.


1. That Twinkle (In Your Eye)
2. Casabal
3. Sad and Blue
4. Over the Waves
5. Now You're Mine
6. The Strangest Thing
7. Special Way
8. Autumn Leaves
9. Julan
10. Weird Feelings
11. The Dance
12. Rainforest
13. Whispered Words
14. Sugar and Spice
15. In Time (Version)

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