Gnac - Twelve Sidelong Glances

(LTM2446: 5024545405422)
Release date: 01/05/2006
Genre: Instrumental

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Twelve Sidelong Glances is an album by Gnac, the atmospheric instrumental project from Mark Tranmer. Previous albums by Gnac include Friend Sleeping (1999), Biscuit Barrel Fashion (2001) and the singles compilation Sevens. Biscuit Barrel Fashion appeared on the Poptones label and was declared album of the month by Russian Playboy magazine.

The 17 tracks on Twelve Sidelong Glances follow in the tradition of BBF, exploring imaginary mid-week mid-afternoon murder mystery music (Midgley Moor), electronica melodica (Green With Fright) and vespertine guitar (As Night Falls Upon Us). Also included are two themes commissioned by Neen Scene artists, including Vanessa Beecroft's Wedding, first performed at the ceremony in Italy.

Cover art by Benoît Hennebert.


1. Spanish Winter
2. From Cougorge to Gougougnac
3. Observed Vs Expected
4. Chenin Blanc
5. Perec's Beard
6. As Night Falls Upon Us
7. Midgley Moor
8. Twenty-Second Night
9. Brouillard
10. Telebanco
11. Rocky Road
12. Shinjuku Park
13. Vanessa Beecroft's Wedding
14. Green With Fright
15. The Struggle
16. Cold Flower
17. Obstacles of Course

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