Gabriel Le Mar - Shared Fictions

Carpe Sonum
(NOVUMXVI: 708527200131)

Release Date: 3/6/20

“Shared Fictions“ is heavily inspired by the science-fiction and fantasy genre that Gabriel’s been a fan of since his early youth. “Shared Fictions“ is about the ability of magical thinking, the power of imagination, and the beauty of creating from it. 

The eight-track album opens with “Journey Within", bringing a half time rhythm that morphs into a straight leftfield tech 4/4 bar and back, and that reflects the space within the notes that define a groove as well. Next up is the title track which moves on an electro breakbeat along with harmonic pads to produce atmospheric cinematic soundscapes.

“Stay In Wonderland“ combines an electro groove with a heavy low dub sub and a funky acid riff that filters through the midtempo arrangement and keeps the flow.

"Deep Focus" starts with sound design spaces that open for an organic more midtempo electro groove accompanied by a morphing baseline and digs deep into sonic space, ultimately floating into a straight but relaxed moving beat.

“City of Thoughts“ begins with weeping e-bow sound guitars and develops into a journey with a more urban feel by shining through optimistic and open major harmonies mixing downtempo chill out with funky electro beat.

“World Tree“ is composed of shades of trip-hop and dub, combining hand-played recordings and soulful programming into a beautiful cinematic trip.

The deepest track on "Shared Fictions" is definitely "Mythical Past" that cuts in 73 bpm through the track with a heavy dub bassline and a solid beat forming the backbone that keeps it together.

“Collective Dreamworld (Wonderland Mix)“ continues where “Stay In Wonderland“ ended–deeply floating acid baselines, tablas and electrofunk grooves are guiding through the track that completes the album.

1. Journey Within
2. Shared Fictions
3. Stay in Wonderland
4. Deep Focus
5. City of Thoughts
6. World Tree
7. Mythical Past
8. Collective Dreamworld (Wonderland Mix)

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