Gnac - Sevens

(LTM2477: 5024545442120)
Release date: 1998
Genre: Instrumental

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An expanded edition of the second album by Gnac, the instrumental project from composer Mark Tranmer, originally released in 1999.

Now featuring 17 tracks, Sevens gathers several 7-inch singles released on labels including Kooky, Earworm, Amberley and Liquefaction, as well as material issued only on compilations.

Stand-out tracks include Legrand Illusion and The Moustache (French film blurred), Armchair Thriller (John Barry meets John le Carre), Ves 004 (five concantenated guitar miniatures) and Hennebert Sleeve, the latter a stylish homage to cult European designer Benoît Hennebert.


1. Legrand Illusion
2. The Broken Fall
3. Armchair Thriller
4. Another Fine Mess
5. 1958
6. Difficult Loves
7. A Tangle With...
8. The Moustache
9. Heliotrope
10. Our Distance
11. VES 004
12. Soviet Bureau
13. Repetition
14. And Now It's So Much Colder
15. The Man With the Laugh Like a Rusty Hinge
16. Une Chanson du Crépuscule (Twilight version)
17. Hennebert Sleeve (Twilight version)

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