Giorgio Tuma - We Love Gilberto EP

(ER362: 8428846403625)

Release date: 4/28/2023.

Limited edition of 300 black vinyl 7" with download.


TRACKLIST: 01 Creation Of My Ghosts  02 Embracing Livia  03 Prisma Clarisse  04 Lasciamoci In Allegria

We know that talent isn’t normally recognized in the music industry. But we created an independent record label to make space for people we believe have something to say. Giorgio Tuma has always been one of those people really focused on his commitment to creating beauty in this world. His albums, somewhere between lounge music, psychedelia and Brazilian music, have been exquisite exercises for the most dedicated music lovers. Collaborations with Laetitia Sadier (STEREOLAB, for whom he even wrote a song), Lena Karlsson (KOMEDA), Sean O’Hagan (THE HIGH LLAMAS), Malik Moore, Matias Tellez (frontman of YOUNG DREAMS and in charge of production work for some Sondre Lerche and KAKKMADDAFAKKA albums), Michael Andrews (soundtrack composer for films as important as the sci-fi classic “Donnie Darko” and “Me you and everyone we know”), POPULOUS, among others. Elegance, fantasy, creativity, dreaminess… His disappearance from the music scene seven years ago was terrible news.

Soon after “This Life Denied Me Your Love”, he put together his friend guitarist Alberto Zacà a bossa nova tribute band called WE LOVE GILBERTO where he played drums, and Clarissa Rustico sang. Clarissa’s voice inspired him to fix up some ideas that he had been saving in a drawer and that have come together to make this EP we are releasing now, called, precisely, “We Love Gilberto EP”, and which serves as a kind of farewell. One last breath of creativity that has given us more of those rays of light that saturate his music: the rich arrangements, the exotic harmonies, the passion for Brazil, the house party, the samba and bossa nova… All of this is absolutely exuberant on these four songs that have the voices of Clarissa herself and with Gaia Rollo. Because we are here for things as beautiful as “Lasciamoci In Allegria”, “Embracing Livia”, “Prisma Clarisse” and the advance Digital Single “Creation Of My Ghosts”. Poetic justice, if you want to call it that. Press play and enjoy. There is always, and always will be, time and space Giorgio’s songs.

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