Gerbils - The Battle of Electricity

Orange Twin
(OTR006: 656605600628)
Release date: 10/09/2004
Genre: Indie Rock

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The Gerbils were formed in Ruston, Louisiana in the early 1990's by college friends and rock gods John D'azzo, Scott Spillane and Will Westbrook, along with friends John Fernandes and Penny Burbank. They rocked and rocked and rocked still more. Soon after, the trio decided to move to Athens, GA and released their first album, titled "Are You Sleepy?" Which most notably features the song "Crayon Box." The band then took a hiatus in 1999 for a couple of years until reforming to create "The Battle Of Electricity."

"The Battle of Electricity" is the Gerbils' second album and only release on Orange Twin Records. It was released in 2001 and features such colossal rock epics as "Meteoroid From the Sun Strikes a Dead Wierdo," "The White Sky" and title track "The Battle of Electricity." It flows from tender and sincere love songs through musical interludes to hard rockers and back again, featuring Scott's ripping horns and rocking guitar, John's additional rocking guitar and keyboard part, Will's instinctual and perfect leads on guitar, melodica and banjo, and adding drummer Jeremy Barnes rocking-the-flock out with only just a snare drum, floor tom and cymbal. The album also imports the talents of Kevin Barnes, Bill Doss, Peter Erchick, Eric Harris, Christina Hogan, Heather McIntosh and Beth Sale.

Though it was their last release, The Gerbils continued to play shows and write new songs together until guitarist Will Westbrook passed away on December 11th, 2006. They are revered and considered by many (author included) to have been the greatest rock band to call Athens, GA their home.

1. Are You Underwater
2. (i)
3. The Air We Share
4. Lucky Girl
5. (ii)
6. Fail to Mention
7. (iii)
8. Meteoroid From the Sun Strikes a Dead Weirdo
9. (iv) (US54F0410064)
10. A Song of Love
11. (v)
12. The White Sky
13. (vi)
14. (vii)
15. Snorkel
16. The Battle of Electricity
17. Share Again
18. (viii)

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