Tullycraft - City of Subarus

(DRL055: 708527005521)
Release date: 03/24/1998
Genre: Indie Pop

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1. 8 Great Ways, 2. Belinda, 3. Ticket Tonight, 4. Crush this Town, 5. Godspeed, 6. Miss Douglas County, 7. Actives & Pledges, 8. The Lives of Cleopatra, 9. Bee Sting Stings, 10. Vacation in Christine, ND

Tullycraft's happy-go-lucky ringleader Sean Tollefson and long time pals Jeff & Gary, are joined by Chris of Incredible Force of Junior and Jen of Rizzo. The five make it all sound so easy, innocent & carefree but Tullycraft is "the musical equivalent of an Archie comic written by Jad Fair," as one music reviewer put it. It's perfect bubblegum pop, as simple and as raw as it should be with enough smarts & vim to bring Seattle out of the woods. In fact, Tullycraft are on top of the indie-pop world. Heck, The Apples have signed off to 24-track land and joined the Warner empire, Hanson were already too big for Elephant 6, and The Wonders broke up after only one single, that leaves the deserving Tullycraft, who have twice toured to US and released 11 singles and one full length, waiting in the wings. But not for long.

On Tullycraft's second full length you get more endearing love songs, songs about heartbreak, vacations, and manic pop thrill happiness that will make you jump up and down like a teenager. Each song is instantly hum-able, but be ready for a few surprises; Tullycraft have matured, just a little, since last release. The cuddlycore now includes a few phat beats, a pinch of electronic seasoning here and there, and some surprisingly powerful big rock action. Don't worry though. It's still wimp rock, and all that fresh, sweet, youthful glow is brighter than ever. City of Subarus, named for the dealership across the street from their Seattle home, follows 1996's beloved Old Traditions, New Standards (Harriet).

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