Sweet Trip - You Will Never Know Why

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Re-press. Limited edition of 1000 x clear with black swirl vinyl 2xLP. 

Available now in two CD variants: CD in digipak with original cover art including new black and white art on inside panels and CD+Comic Book in digipak with new cover art and eight page comic book insert. Also available via all streaming and download platforms.

All available formats feature three bonus tracks. All formats remastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk.

Sweet Trip's third album You Will Never Know Why (2009) still sounds new and unlike anything else. Laden with bossa, latin, electronic and shoegaze influences, male/female vocal interplay, immaculate acoustic guitars, pulsing bass lines, complex rhythms, odd time signatures, lush strings and imaginative sound effects, there's a lot going on with the Sweet Trip sound; however, you couldn’t possibly tire of it. The songs are always so refreshing. 

Here's an opportunity to unlearn ridged pop, rock, electronic, shoegaze genre orthodoxies. Sweet Trip uniquely hybridizes all in an aural jigsaw puzzle forming an empathetic message and futurist soundscape providing the listener with a new perspective and the ability to better cope with our brave new world. 

Sweet Trip's second album, Velocity: Design: Comfort (2003), is widely recognized as an essential shoegaze/electronic hybrid landmark in both genres.

You Will Never Know Why, is Sweet Trip exercising
 their vision with greater confidence, showing comfort with more traditional instrumentation and composition with complete song lyrics.

Roberto Burgos and Valerie Reyes are Sweet Trip. Roby and Valerie both write the songs and lyrics. Both play guitars and keyboards. Both sing. Roby is the programmer, the sound architect. You 
Will Never Know Why was recorded at his home on computer.

2xLP track list:

1. Conservation of Two 2:42
2. Air Supply 4:42
3. Forever 3:59
4. Acting 7:06
- A run time: 18:29

5. Milk 4:25
6. Darkness 6:19
7. To the Moon 4:10
8. Song About a Sea 1:31
9. Song About a Sun 1:32  
- B run time: 17:57

10. No Words to Be Found 2:48
11. Pretending 5:05
12. Misfortunes are Cruel 4:18 
13. Your World is Eternally Complete 4:20
- C run time: 16:31

14. Female Lover 4:05
15. Silence 1:56
16. Where the Sunrise Dies, So Does The Echo of Your Voice 5:34
17. Things to Ponder While Falling (New Recording) 4:07
- D run time: 15:42

CD and digital tracklist:

1. Conservation of Two, 2. Air Supply, 3. Forever, 4. Acting, 5. Milk, 6. Darkness, 7. To the Moon, 8. Song About a Sea, 9. Song About a Sun, 10. No Words to Be Found, 11. Pretending, 12. Misfortunes are Cruel, 13. Your World is Eternally Complete, 14. Female Lover, 15. Silence, 16. Where the Sunrise Dies, So Does The Echo of Your Voice, 17. Things to Ponder While Falling (New Recording)

About Sweet Trip: 

• Sweet Trip has toured, collaborated, and remixed artists like Cornelius, Takako Minekawa, DJ Me DJ You, Arling and Cameron, Buffalo Daughter, Momus, The Strokes, Club 8, Windy & Carl, Mates of State, Aisler's Set, Halou, Junior Varsity KM, Julie Plug, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Rook Vallard, Color Filter, The Year Zero, among others.

• Sweet Trip has also been featured in publications like SOMA, The San Francisco Chronicle, SF Weekly, Losing Today, Erasing Clouds, Spin, Alternative Press, Magnet, Giant Robot, and XLR8R.

• "Dsco" (Velocity:Design:Comfort) appeared on an episode of The Bionic Woman on NBC.

• "Palomar" (Alura EP) was featured on the official trailer for the 22nd San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival.

"Milk" is about an insomniac frustrated with their lover's easy sleep.

"Air Supply" is about a person bitter with their unstable partner.

"Conservation of Two" kicks off the album with testosterone injected bass lines, not angry mind you, but forceful and fearless. The drum beats race perfectly with the bass, like an earthquake tearing through the ground. “Face. Guard These Eyes from the Gloom,” wise vocalizations backed by a shimmery progression of half clean, half distorted fender guitars, all necessary to elevate you from the sinking cracked earth.

"Misfortunes are Cruel": Modernized New Order? Or a cousin to Broadcast’s “America’s Boy?” It's the record’s most *electronic* song, with Sweet Trip waving its usual magic wand creating a synthesized spell of pulsing beat programs, throbbing bass lines, glittering arpeggios, crystallizing sound effects. The guitars are simple but memorable.

"To the Moon": Sort of post-punk, marvelous track, pay attention to the dramatic changes -- this is what Sweet Trip is so good at! This is a song that will make your feet move uncontrollably, your breathing irregular because of the beauty of the strings and the thrill of the guitars. Hit the repeat button again and again and rock on!

"Forever": Dark and contemplative, heavy drum beats, sounds and keyboards have a rather vintage, Wurlitzer feel, deep and impactful and velvety. The song is short but impressive and again, it truly rocks.

"Acting": Complex drums, Bossa Nova influences, odd time signatures, driving beats and complex arrangements. The guitars, keeping up with the odd time signatures are all too exhilarating. This is the longest song in the album but you wish it would never end. Epic. A million exclamation points!!!!!!!!!

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