Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers - s/t

(DRL083: 708527008324)

Although the leader of the Sisterhood has yet to be considered the star of any particular scene, song writer, arranger, sound sculptor, recording guru, Rob Christiansen, in his long musical career, has consistently broken down boundaries inhibiting modern music and been involved with an eclectic mix of great music. It's no exception that this new CD, torn between experimentalism and pure pop, takes you right down the middle--in a vehicle that didn't exist previously outside of the artist's head. As a member of The Sisterhood, and former member of endearing and legendary WDC indie pop odd fellows, Eggs, (Also in Grenadine, Viva Satellite, and as guest player in Tsunami and Liquorice) he has released material on Teen Beat, Shimmy Disc, Hemiola, 555, Simple Machines, and Rocker Supernova. As well as music engineering, Rob has done sound design for cartoons and television commercials. These talents are also audible on this CD which often employes sounds edited in an almost comic fashion. Rob says he is most proud of his recordings of Unrest, Edsel, Andrew Beaujon and Wimp Factor Fourteen out of the countless bands he has worked with in the studio. The Sisterhood now includes full-time member Jeannine Durfee, who adds a minimalistic feel to some of the compositions. And a team of creative types from Washington DC and all around the country collaborated on many of the tracks--like Shelby Cinca of punk/absurdist group Frodus, and Steve Silverstein, Chicago producer extrordinaire. Dense, yet simple, at times political, and often challenging; we are proud to present the debut full-length from the Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers.

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