Mus - Divina Lluz

(DRL147: 708527014721)
Release date: 03/24/2004
Genre: Folk

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1. Escuela Cruda
2. La Vuelta
3. Déxame Pasar
4. Sola
5. Na Esplanada
6. Divina Lluz
7. Pela Xenra Blanca
8. Con Un Calendariu Na Mano
9. A La Fonte Cada Mañana
10. Adios

Darla Records is pleased to announce the American release of the fourth and best record yet from Asturian duo Mus, pronounced “Moose”. Divina Lluz or Divine Light is simultaneously moody, dark & dramatic and soft, warm & southernly. It’s 10 songs are rich with poetic, strategic, social and emotional content.

On this occasion Mus, Fran Gayo and Monica Vacas, recorded with the wonderful musicians who accompanied them on their American South West tour in 2003; esteemed Spanish pop artist Pedro Vigil of Edwin Moses (Siesta) and Manu Molina and Iker González who play with Spain’s popular Nacho Vegas. José Luís García Rúa, legendary anti-Franco activist, free-thinker, son of a miner and post civil war concentration camp survivor, Doctor in Philosophy and prolific poetry writer, has also contributed spoken word to the album’s last song. Pedro Vigil recorded Divina Lluz at Teisco Studios in Mus’ hometown Xixón, Spain.

Divina Lluz has the special feeling of the band’s live performance. Its a little more full and also more loose and spacious than their previous, El Naval. “Divina Luz” will be released simultaneously in Spain by Acuarela, the Americas by Darla Records and Taiwan by Avant Garden Recordings. In fact, with the release of Divina Lluz in Taiwan, Mus will for the first time travel to that country in April ‘04 to perform “Divina Luz” in a series of concerts that will culminate with two performances at “The Wall”, currently Tai Pei’s most important venue - it has recently hosted bands such as Mogwai, Dirty Three, Catpower, and Damon and Naomi.

“The enigmatic Spanish duo of Fran Gayo and Mónica Vacas paints dreamily abstract pictures of muted joy, pleasant weariness, and melancholy resignation using soft-focus watercolor strokes. When there are words, they're sung in Asturian, an exotic language spoken in the northwestern part of Spain, making them sound like the incomprehensible fairytales of a lost culture.” --

“Spanish duo Mus play gentle music with presence, music which transports. Part of the transcendent power of their music comes from lead vocalist Mònica Vacas, whose voice is breathy, quiet and calmly enticing but it also lies with an echoing glow hovering over their songs, a beauty that's hard to analyze but easy to feel.” --

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