Commercial (Flowchart, hollAnd) - Commercial

(DRL093-2: 708527009321)
Release date: 07/13/1999
Genre: Electronic, Indietronic

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COMMERCIAL is the new abstract electronic pop studio album from pop stars TREVOR HOLLAND and SEAN FLOWCHART.

This collaboration is an all instrumental affair full of clever beats, playful breaks, found digital sounds, and unexpected twists and turns. In these ten new experimental electronic songs backed with electro and jungle beats there's tons of irreverence, humor and unexpected goings on. They are like intelligent, playful, children's music, music for cartoons or computer games, always done with a smile and wink.

The listener is beckoned to come dance to tropical rhythms, cheesy organs, gay flutes, orchestral strings, samples from easy listening records of the 60s, and a billion synthesizers. These melodies and moods are from an ideal Public Television world. It's like a post Sesame Street afternoon on The Electric Company followed by Zoom and Viva Alegre. But just when you've gleefully regressed back to the age of innocence, a quadruple time beat kicks you future forward.

All digital audio straight to Protools. No Midi. A sparkling hi-fi all digital experience. Similar to releases on Skam and Rephlex.

COMMERCIAL will follow SEAN O'NEAL'S latest FLOWTRON Tickle My Dolphin 2LP/CD (DARLA) which you can read all about now in XLR8R, Magnet, CMJ, AP and The Wire. FLOWTRON will perform and SEAN O'NEAL & partner ERIN ANDERSON will DJ at some of the largest commercial raves on the East coast through this Summer.

TREVOR HOLLAND works in his WDC studio on a variety of projects from sound tracks for international fashion shows to avant gallery installations to simply producing the albums of tomorrow's indie-pop stars. He's often heard to exclaim, "That's so new!"

We all know how popular these two artists are. Their combined talent and vision was enough to get the attention of two Broadway Producers. Look for COMMERCIAL in the playbill as they're set to score not one but three on Broadway presentations this season. If you've read this far you've read too far. Go do something!

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