Ans. Andur - Kiletron

(SEKs022: 4739852940467)
Release date: 2/24/2009

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Ans. Andur's ear for sweetly strange pop/rock (and eye for great album design) continued into 2009 with Kiletron, a dozen sharp songs' worth of an album. The sense that they're almost a Gorky's Zygotic Mynci for a new time and place continues as well, with their lovely non-English-language harmonies and psych-prog hooks again present from the start with "Reede." But it's not simply that, and some of the best songs on Kiletron are their own little worlds. The semi-spoken vocals, low-pitched and almost shrugged off over a bass-led quick kick of a song, make "Melodraama" a wry, entertaining treat, while the distinctly Cure-like rushed guitar pop audible there recurs in even more winning fashion on "Mu Binoklis." "Ester" takes that joyful feeling even higher with its easy harmonies, flecks of nervous guitar and piano interplay, and a generally winning late-afternoon-on-a-summer-day breeziness, something the following "Puhkepäev" further builds on thanks to the horns. "Praha Kevad" and its synth/squelch shuffle might be the only song in the universe that sounds like it was partially derived from Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmas Time" (and sounds far superior to that effort, thankfully).
1. Reede
2. Start stopp
3. Melodraama
4. Praha kevad
5. Mu binoklis
6. 100
7. Marko Kristal
8. Ester
9. Puhkepäev
10. Sügisene meloodia
11. (Sa olid mu viimase leveli) lõpuboss
12. Suhkur

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