Alessandra Celletti - Way Out

(LTM2505: 5024545492422)
Release date: 09/11/2008
Genre: Classical

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Way Out is a 2008 studio album by Alessandra Celletti, the Italian composer/pianist whose previous CDs include acclaimed interpretations of works by Glass, Satie and Gurdjieff.

Way Out is Alessandra's third album of original material, following Overground (1997) and Chi Mi Darà Le Ali (2006). Recorded in Rome in 2007, it explores several musical styles including vocal tracks sung by Alessandra, as well as her exquisite solo piano compositions. She is joined on most of the tracks by drummer Fabio Ferri, while Renzo Pin provided English-language lyrics.

Stand-out tracks include Dear To Me, Burning and Hundred Points, the latter complemented by a brilliant animated video clip made by Tony Sbarbaro. A unique set that defies classification, the album also features one bonus song, the beautiful title track from Alessandra's previous artist album, Chi Mi Darà le Ali.

The cover image is the painting Pensando alla Guerra by artist Isobel Blank.


1. Dear To Me
2. Hundred Points
3. Burning
4. Drops of Life
5. I Descend to You, You Ascend to Me
6. Gold
7. Circles
8. Nirvana
9. The World Is a Ball
10. Through Your Eyes
11. Two Trees
12. Every Moment
13. Sing For Me In the Forest
14. Ask Me
15. Foolish Child
16. Seventh Heaven
17. Chi Mir Darà le Ali

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