Speedmarket Avenue - Don't Fall in Love

(ELE266: 8428846402666)

1. Don't Fall In Love
2. Dying in Africa
“Don’t fall in love” is the second single taken from “Way Better Now,” the second full length album of SPEEDMARKET AVENUE. The self-titled and previous released song of the album has turned itself into a total international indie-pop hit. Steve Lamacq chose this tune as single of the week on his BBC program and music journalists riddled the album with praise as it counted on the magic and wisdom of Jari Haapalainen (Producer of ED HARCOURT, THE BEART QUARTET, THE CONCRETES and CAMERA OBSCURA among others), although to have such a well-rounded full length, it is very important to have terrific songs and SPEEDMARKET AVENUE has plenty of them like the one which is the protagonist of the new single. “Don’t Fall in Love” is an instant classic, a short traditional song, the perfect pop tune with a contagious verse and a dazzling chorus. It comes so close to the in love and out-of-love music of sixties pop groups similar to THE SMITHS, LADYBUG TRANSISTOR, THE RAW HERBS and the early songs of AZTEC CAMERA. On the B side of this red special limited edition vinyl is "Dying in Africa", a heart-rending, intimate and melancholic cover of the Swedish Italian disco electro-pop duo NICOLAS MAKELBERGE.
Johan Lundin and Arvid Ringborg were in charge of putting images together for “Don’t Fall in Love” creating a fun video narrating the typical story of a band playing at the wrong event where they are out of place, a private party with terrible guests who do not jive well with the group.

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