Arts & Leisure - Weekend / Over You

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Release date: 10/28/2014
Genre: Indie Pop

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1. Weekend 2. Over You

Limited to 150. Includes a download card. Initial copies also include a limited edition custom 45 adapter.

Sacramento, California’s Arts & Leisure is back with a brand new two-song single, a follow-up to last year’s critically acclaimed debut album Choose Your Adventure.

The single, Weekend / Over You, combines elements of ’60s pop, ’70s punk and power pop, and ’80s new wave—all of which help to craft the group’s singular brand of buzzy, hook-laden dark dream-pop, or as they like to call it—California Goth Pop.

“Weekend” is a summer drive along the coast with the top down, salt spray in your face and heartbreak waiting around the bend. But the journey’s so brilliant it’s worth the risk.

“Over You” is a straightforward power pop anthem, in a distinct Joan Jett-meets-the Ramones spirit. Recommended if you’re in need of a post-break up song to play on obsessive repeat.

What critics are saying:

The UK-based magazine 247 called Arts & Leisure’s previous recording, the 2013 album Choose Your Adventure, a “faultless debut,” praising the band’s “excellent songwriting, quirky guitar lines and fantastic harmonies … People need to find out about this band, and quickly.”

Likewise, Big Takeover magazine raved about the band’s “bubble-gum catchiness,” as well as the way “sumptuous singer Gerri White’s sighing coo is now paired with equally exquisite co-vocalist Becky Cale.”

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