Giorgio Tuma - Giorgio Tuma With Lena Karlsson

(ELE306: 8428846403069)

1. Little Dusty
2. Koko Tutu Mama
There are few opportunities to record with an artist whose music you grew up with, whose songs taught you to love music, and there are even fewer chances that one day that same artist shows up to put the cherry on top of two songs practically written with him or her in mind. We made a dream of Giorgio Tuma’s – that wonderful Italian songwriter who’s got us so worked up with his spacious symphonies full of echoes of Brasil and lounge - come true, with this collaboration with Lena Karlsson, the singer for the Swedish band KOMEDA, on this delicious single.
Tumahimself emphasizes STEREOLAB’s “Emperor Tomato Ketchup” and the band from Umea’s “The Genius of Komeda”, as the albums that, at the tender age of 18, made his musical perspective change radically, marking his path toward where he is today. That’s why this limited-edition, white-color vinyl single is a musician’s dream come true. His two sunny songs, with their brilliant wind instruments and warm, majestic keyboards, blossom before his very eyes. Lena Karlsson’s sweet vocals create a unique and inimitable magical ambience, with Tuma’s usual mix of styles like Samba, Batucada, Soul and Rocksteady all the while, almost without us even realizing it. “Little Dusty” has that Jamaican touch that, with this Italian’s typical elegance, seems to be an imperative remake of “Vacaciones en el Mar”, crowned by Karlsson’s solid melody, which is capable of reminding us of some of the marvelous songs she released with KOMEDA. “Koko Tutu Mama” is, if it’s possible, even more exotic, leaning toward the more Brazilian, which Tuma has visited so many times, and always successfully.
This single will ultimately turn into a declaration of love to KOMEDA, as the songwriter himself says in the credits, and by extension and ode to music and all the emotions it can make you feel.

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