Cristina Quesada - Hero

(ER354: 8428846403540)
Release date: 1/18/2019
Genre: Indiepop

Numbered limited edition of 500 forest green color vinyl with download.

TRACKLIST: 01 Hero  02 Mona Lisa  03 Think I Heard A Rumour  04 Into You

It has been close to four years since her first album, “You’re The One” and about six since that unforgettable version of “Pineapple Princess” that got Cristina Quesada’s career at Elefant Records started, with that 7” Single for our “New Adventures In Pop” collection. But time doesn’t pass in vain, and Cristina is back, more mature, with something radically different than that ukulele that so identified her. This time, synth-pop, italo-disco, euro-pop and techno-pop are the parameters that guide her new songs, which this time have a collaborator/producer/arranger/composer to die for: nothing more and nothing less than Joe Moore himself (THE YEARNING, THE PERFECT KISS, Lia Pamina), who is in the process of making the adjective “prolific” sound insufficient.

With this, amidst synthesizers, keyboards and eighties drum machines, we have “Hero”, the first advance Single of her second album “Think I Heard A Rumour”, and a good sample of the focus of the album – disco hits from the end of the 80s and beginning of the nineties, with complex harmonic developments and impossible turns that, according to Moore, “push the choruses even higher”. It’s an instant classic included among SAINT ETIENNE at their most danceable, the Japanese pop of Tommy February6, the earliest recordings of THE SOUND OF ARROWS or PET SHOP BOYS’ poppiest songs. The A side of the Single also includes a version of “Mona Lisa” by LIO, proof of the protagonists of this release’s love of French sounds, and an absolutely exquisite setting for an unforgettable song.

“Think I Heard A Rumour”, the song that opens the B side and will also be included on her new album, is pure techno-pop with clear echoes of NEW ORDER, with surprising changes and turns but at the same time a heavenly chorus. This is a song that we can perfectly imagine giving flavor to the most glamorous and dreamiest summer nights on the dance floors of the whole Mediterranean area. The intention was to write perfect pop songs and Joe Moore always achieves this. And if there were any doubts, Cristina and Joe close with another song that is exclusive for this Single, “Into You”, with the same parameters we mentioned before: galloping bpms, martial basses somewhere between DESIRELESS and BANANARAMA, choruses as catchy as ABBA’s, italo-disco influences and the soles of shoes on fire. Another hit for this Single that will be released as a Digital Single and on a 500-copy numbered limited-edition 7” forest green vinyl.

And yes, it’s amazing… We have a new divine alliance to add to Mr. Moore’s list. And we are so happy and proud to do so. And this is just a taste of how incredible Cristina Quesada’s second album is going to be. The album will be released this coming April, and it will be full of surprises. In addition to the songs Joe composed especially for this album, we will also find a previously unreleased song by Ibon Errazkin and Teresa Iturrioz which we have rescued for the occasion. We also have some versions in French, Swedish and Portuguese, a duet with Andreas (ALPACA SPORTS) and an exclusive song that Ana from LA BIEN QUERIDA wrote for Cristina.

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