Zumm Zumm - Crusp Srexstling

Orange Twin
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Has Zumm Zumm decided to take a stand to be an articulate, educated, crazy thing with a brand new, red, full-sized moral leadership that has been enriched by the world'­s biggest theory yet to be proven all over the place? Recording these songs aren'­t they glad they didn'­t die? They drowned. Though nothing has really changed. They know how nothing is the same. It'­s just all been rearranged. They take all the guess work out of crass, really red, fugs and folk punk and they give it to you with a side of piss and vinegar.

Here they are: The biggest truck driver you ever heard of, plowing his way through the White House correspondent'­s dinner, who now calls himself Theo. The ultimate fighting champion, a lawyer from Chicago, your neighbor from upstairs, fifteen-dollar drummer, Dain, who enjoys playing with Mr. Potatohead in Candyland. Playin with Dain nearly put my neighbor's son in the hospital, accusing him of selling a stunning fusion of rock, funk, and r&b to an undercover officer in a hotel. Officials say that the room was littered with afro wigs. And Jared, see how he takes this stick of dynamite in his left hand and he takes a match in his right hand and then he attracts attention. Who'­s the guitar player, who'­s the victim? There'­s lots of room here.

But not without a laugh. Yesterday is gone. The man who sold the world is on sale. And now it is your journey. Make it a farce.    

1. Title Track
2. Told U So
3. Put-ta-getha
4. S.O.S.
5. Public Property
6. Dirty Dick
7. Pinky Finger Wedding Band
8. Blip
9. Generally Bored
10. Right-Wing Leftwing
11. Passionate Lyrics
12. Dumpsters
13. I Believe In My Backpack
14. 16 Calories

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