Zephyrs, The - The Witches and The Crown Prince of Lies

(19075849187: 190758491875)
Release date: 06/22/2018
Genre: Indie Rock

Scottish veterans The Zephyrs always were a group with a membership in transition, every record released on a different label: EVOL, Southpaw/Rock Action, Setanta and Acuarela… In fact, their last release to date, “Fool of Regrets” (2010), started off as a solo project and ended up accidentally reuniting The Zephyrs. It was released by Club AC30 a company connected to Rachel Goswell (Slowdive) and ex-Adorable guitarist Robert Dillam. And now, after a silent 8 year period they return to Acuarela to offer a foretaste of a forthcoming brand new LP with a double A-side single of renewed pop that wades across Chris Bell and Gram Parsons, Slowdive and even Grandaddy, as if they were trying to shorten the path to the California sky passing through Scotland.

1. The Witches
2. The Crown Prince of Lies

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