Yellow Melodies, The - Alternate Identities

(PZL060: 708527002308)
Release date: 06/03/2014
Genre: Indiepop

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In mid-2010, the Yellow Melodies released their third full-length album, "New Identities", on the band's own Discos Imprescindibles label. Two EPs preceded the lp, but over the following year and a half, the band released a single for the rest of the songs on the record. The first two were on other labels (a digital EP on Bubbletone and a 3" cd on Edition 59), but the others were all digital releases on the band's own label. Each of these singles had an exclusive b-side or three, including covers from Monograph, Suede and three from R.E.M., as well as alternate mixes of some album tracks. For fun, I had actually compiled this cd for my own collection (as bootlegged off the band's Bandcamp), but when I showed it to Rafa from the group, he suggested that I release it legitimately on Jigsaw, so of course, I took him up on the offer! So here you have it: the alternate version of the classic "New Identities" album!

RIYL: R.E.M., Teenage Fanclub, BMX Bandits.

1. Found Your Smile (Sundae Mix), 2. So Central Rain, 3. You Make Me Fall In Love (Cherry Sounds Mix), 4. Takin' It Easy, 5. Little Princess, 6. It's Only Love (Short Version), 7. The World Cup, 8. Mas Fuerte Que El Viento, 9. Another No One, 10. Silent Friday Night, 11. Friday Night (Bakala Remix), 12. No More Parties (Acoustic Demo), 13. No More Parties (Radio Session 4-5-09), 14. No More Classes, 15. So Well Together (Baggy Mix), 16. So Well Together (Leticia Con Z Remix), 17. I Took Your Name, 18. Keep Away From Me (Rewindthedisco Remix), 19. Finest Worksong, 20. My Best Friend's Girlfriend, 21. Something That You Do (Acoustic)

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