v/a - Static Waves 3

Saint Marie
(SMR063: 708527003251)
Release date: 11/25/2014
Genre: Shoegaze

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DD/3xCD comp, 3rd CD Slowdive covers.

3xCD. 42 Tracks. 37 Previously unreleased. The third annual compilation release by the sonically-driven label Saint Marie Records. Specializing in Shoegaze, Dreampop, Indie Pop and Electronica. Featuring tracks exclusively from the Saint Marie roster, it includes tracks from past releases, future releases, remixes, and exclusives. Specially priced!

This year, we have something special with the third CD being exclusively covers of Slowdive songs spanning the bands career.

* Previously Unreleased:

Secret Shine / Anything About Me
SPC ECO / Blame*
Elika / Your Secrets
The Blessed Isles / Winter Moon*
We Need Secrets (Feat. Elliot Frazier) / No Kimono*
Carta / My Father's Father's Killers*
Children Of The Stones / Saudade
Lightfoils / Addict
Static Daydream / I Want You*
ASAKS / Everything*
Echodrone / Disparate Numbers (Alt Mix)*
Strata Florida / Falling*
Young Boy / Restless Boy*
Shortwave Broadcaster / Reflection*
February / Souvenir*
broaddaylight / Instant*
Seasurfer / Waves*
Blackstone Rngrs / Lonesome Waste*
BLiNDNESS / Humming Song*
Difference Engine / Fall
The Last King Of England / Awake*
Cloud From The Sea / Vapor*
The History Of Colour TV / Shapes
Bloody Knives / Seven*
Orange Yellow Red / The Housekeeper (Submarine Mix)*
Spotlight Kid / The Waiting Room*
Scarlet Youth / Blue Skies, Blank Eyes*
Presents For Sally / When We All Move Away*
Echodrone / Shine*
The Blessed Isles / When The Sun Hits*
Spotlight Kid / Joy*
Lotte Kestner / Alison*
Static Daydream / Beach Song*
Drowner / Hide Yer Eyes*
Lilies On Mars / Crazy For You*
The High Violets / Altogether*
Scarlet Youth (Feat. Tuire Lukka) / Primal*
Seasurfer / Dagger*
Resplandor / Morningrise*
Jetman Jet Team / Souvlaki Space Station*
The Capsules / Here She Comes*

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