V/A - Little Darla has a Treat for You, Vol. 27: Eternal Spring Edition

(DRL225: 708527022528)

32 Exclusive tracks.

Digipak printed with soy based ink on 100% recycled board with aqueous coating. No oil used! Even our plastic trays are made from 100% recycled material. Packaging made by Ross Ellis, a Forest Service Council certified business.

The World’s most popular compilation series!  Features work by Darla family artists and labels.  Package design is made to look like Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap.  Features 250 quotes by and about music and music people. In support of sustainable musiculture.

Ingredients: Almost Charlie, Arborea, Ariel Abshire & Japancakes, Bernard Szajner, Bitcrush, Black Feather, Desario, Detritus, DJ Hidden, Elias And The Whizzkids, Elle Belga, Harold Budd & Clive Wright, Keith Canisius, Let’s Go Naked, Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love, Lowlights, Manual, Momus, Montt Mardié, Mothboy, New Radiant Storm King, Photon Band, Project Pale, Raoul Sinier, Robin Guthrie, Rumskib, Spherical Objects, Sweet Trip, Tiny Magnetic Pets, Tujiko Noriko-Lawrence English-John Chantler, Vlor, Yagya.

Disc 1:
1. Almost Charlie “For the Both of Us” (Version) (Words On Music) 3:22
2. Arborea “Shadow and the Wind” (Darla) 9:25
3. Ariel Abshire & Japancakes “Cardboard” (Version 1) (Darla) 3:21
4. Bernard Szajner “Welcome to Death Row” (LTM) 6:15
5. Bitcrush “Fathoms” (n5MD) 8:18
6. Black Feather “Lethal Light” (Other Electricities) 4:10
7. Desario “Giant” (Darla) 2:20
8. Detritus “Borderlines” (Adnoiseam) 4:15
9. DJ Hidden “The Traveler” (Edit) (Adnoiseam) 6:40
10. Elias And The Whizzkids “Mr. Right Guy” (Hybris) 3:13
11. Elle Belga “My Rifle, My Pony and Me” (Acuarela) 2:08
12. Harold Budd & Clive Wright “Candylion” (Inpsyda remix) (Darla) 6:27
13. Keith Canisius “Diving Day” (Extended mix) (Darla) 10:44
14. Let’s Go Naked “So Many Mysteries” (Egg) 3:51
15. Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love “We Live In The Fog” (Other Electricities) 3:19
Disc 2:
1. Lowlights “Under the Sun” (Darla) 4:17
2. Manual “Miraparque” (Darla) 6:28
3. Momus “Odd Man Out” (American Patchwork) 2:39
4. Montt Mardié "Sometimes" (Hybris) 4:19
5. Mothboy “Extended Movement” (Adnoiseam) 7:36
6. New Radiant Storm King "Refused" (Darla) 3:34
7. Photon Band “Everything Was Funny” (Darla) 4:02
8. Project Pale “Snowed In” (Submerged & Schecter remix) (Ohm Resistance) 3:45
9. Raoul Sinier “Alternative Rush” (Adnoiseam) 4:06
10. Robin Guthrie “The Flight of the Painted Lady” (Darla) 3:25
11. Rumskib “Secrets” (Darla) 4:06
12. Spherical Objects “Walk Away” (LTM) 6:59
13. Sweet Trip “Where the Sunrise Dies, So Does the Echo of Your Voice” (Darla) 5:32
14. Tiny Magnetic Pets “Girl in a White Dress” (Psychonavigation) 3:46
15. Tujiko Noriko, Lawrence English, John Chantler “Heart Ga Kikeoru” (edit) (Room40) 4:42
16. Vlor “Watch Me Bleed” (Morning Mix) (Silber) 2:31
17. Yagya “A Small Offering” (Sending Orbs) 6:31

1. For the Both of Us, 2. Shadow and the Wind, 3. Cardboard (Version 1., 4. Welcome to Death Row, 5. Fathoms, 6. Lethal Light, 7. Giant, 8. Borderlines, 9. The Traveler (Edit., 10. Mr. Right Guy, 11. My Rifle, My Pony and Me, 12. Candylion (Inpsyda remix., 13. Diving Day, 14. So Many Mysteries, 15. We Live In The Fog, 16. Under the Sun, 17. Miraparque, 18. Odd Man Out, 19. Sometimes, 20. Extended Movement, 21. Refused, 22. Everything Was Funny, 23. Snowed In (Submerged & Schecter remix., 24. Alternative Rush, 25. The Flight of the Painted Lady, 26. Secrets, 27. Walk Away, 28. Where the Sunrise Dies, So Does the Echo of Your Voice, 29. Girl in a White Dress, 30. Heart Ga Kikeoru (edit., 31. Watch Me Bleed, 32. A Small Offering

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